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   I would like to share my views on Health Insurance for Nelson Township Trustees. According to the Ohio Revised Code, Trustees are permitted to vote in Health Insurance for themselves. This takes place at the end of the current calander year. Newly elected Trustees have the option of turning down the coverage, as Mike Elias has done. However these new Trustees don't have the option of voting on this issue. I think they should be able to.
     In the case of a sitting Trustee and a Trustee seeking re election, they both choose to exercise the option of accepting the Health Insurance coverage, which includes all reimbursements for co-pays and all out of pocket health related expenses even if they might have Employer or Medicare coverage. This is not acceptable in my opinion. The cost for this type of coverage (reimbursements) could go a long way for needed repairs for the Community House and our Roads. Should Trustees be treated better than their constituents? I suggest that all residents look at all of the facts before voting for their choice of Trustees.
     Another issue that I am concerned with is CRA and Tax Abatement's. We have a sitting Trustee who has taken it upon himself to act as agent on promoting this issue. I ask you to closely examine this issue before making your choice of Trustee. If it were to be enacted it is very complicated and in my opinion quite discriminating. If enacted it has to be for everyone not just a few select ones. Before you vote examine the issues and be informed.                                                                                    Rodger Pettit

( Mr. Pettit is a Former Nelson Twp. Trustee )



D. T. Terhune
CRA is a hot topic for our community. This would allow abatement of property taxes in certain areas of the township. Residents of the community need to look at and understand what this means. There has been information passed around that this would be huge for Nelson. It was stated that it could promote business and put people to work. This may be true but we have no income tax so there is no money for the community there. We also do not have infrastructure that would allow for much growth of business. On the residential side, there has been much development without CRA to augment the growth.
CRA would have a commission that would oversee the process. The commission would be selected by the county commissioners and the regional planning commission not by the trustees or township residents. This would have an affect on terms of the CRA, how many years and what percentage would be granted. The revenue that we get from property taxes is what sustains the community. This allows for improvements to roads, bridges and water control and the equipment that is needed to affectively perform these tasks.
I believe in the end that our trustees need to concentrate on the day to day operation of the township and use this information to actually plan for the future of the community and quit promoting things that are out of their control. TT 


November 7th

"I'm only asking for your vote, Not for you to pay for my health insurance"

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